The Handy Box June 2017

June 2017 The Handy BoxTake a look at the tools and gadgets inside June’s 2017 The Handy Box:

61 Piece Cordless Dremel Style Die Grinder Kit
Use this convenient cordless Dremel Kit to easily handle your precision and fine-detailed projects. The cordless rotary tool makes great use for projects without the hassle of a long and winding wire and gives you the ability to work in tight and awkward spaces. This kit comes with a sturdy storage container and an assortment of versatile attachments.
Emergency Hammer
Ideal to have in your car in case of emergency, this Emergency Hammer breaks windows and slices through seatbelts for a quick exit. It’s made from durable quality plastic and steel materials. This life-saving tool is small enough to fit into your bag, pocket or glove compartment.
13 Function Pocket Tool Knife
Ideal for camping and hiking, this 13 Function Pocket Tool Knife with key ring has multiple uses for hunting, garage, home and every day use. Tools are: knife, can opener, scissors, fish scaler, hook remover, wood saw, bottle opener, slotted screwdriver, corkscrew, needle, Phillips screwdriver, nail file and bradawl. Closed, the knife measures approximately 3 1/2″ x 3/4″ x 3/8″.
June 2017 The Handy BoxBattery Post/Terminal Cleaner
If you find that your battery terminals are rusted or corroded, use this convenient terminal cleaner. The brush will not twist loose. More effective than a standard wire brush, this battery terminal cleaner fits together making a single unit for easy transport and usage.